Accept online payments even without a website

Online Payments made easy for your customers: Use Payrexx Paylink and an individual payment page.

Receive payments quickly

The Payrexx Paylink is a simple way to make your customers pay directly via a link. The Paylink can be generated and sent within a few seconds. Various payment methods suitable for your customers guarantee a positive user experience and accelerate the payment process.


Send your link via different communication channels

The Payrexx Paylink reaches your customers through appropriate communication channels, for example via e-mail, SMS or social networks. This helps to increase conversion rates aswell as implementation rates. By clicking on the Payrexx Paylink, your customers are taken to an individual payment page, where they can pay with the desired payment method.


Receive one-time and recurring payments

Single sale or annual subscription - with the Payrexx Paylink you are well equipped for any sales. With subscription payments, your customers receive the pre-determined payment request by e-mail at regular intervals.


Remind your customers of the payment

For example, if the customer has not yet paid after 30 days, you can automatically have the payment request sent again and you will have the possibility to choose the desired interval.


Integrate the Payrexx Paylink into your Business Processes

Do you need incoming payments in your accounting system? Easily create webhooks to communicate with third-party systems. You can also create payment requests completely via API - directly from your system.


Payrexx Paylink for your Use Case

The Payrexx Paylink can be used in many different ways and is therefore suitable for companies from various industries, whether travel providers, authorities, sports clubs or others.

Companies without a website

With Payrexx Paylink you can receive payments even without a website.



Alternative payment methods

The Paylink can be a simple replacement for point-of-sale payment methods in your company.



Hotels and Tourism

The Paylink is particularly suitable for making deposits for bookings and thus increasing liquidity.



For international companies

The Paylink is available in nine languages.